New Year: New Resolution


“whoever said “less is more” had probably never had quite enough “more”

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a fantastic new year!!!

It’s a new year which means a new start. Time to make and possibly break good old resolutions. Every year, my NY resolutions are basically the same: Get more organized, work on house projects, save more money, and the one that always makes the list: The ever-popular-resolution to Lose weight. Everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves. I have my list of wishes, especially since my surgery changed my appearance greatly. When they shaved my head, my hair came back darker, thicker, and curly. I was put on steroids and had a bad reaction, so I gained a bunch of weight and lost it, but still have the remnants of the weight gain. I’m on steroids for life, so it’s a constant balance and it’s extremely difficult to lose weight. I’m very gracious and happy to be alive, but I still let the stuff that bothers me take over.
I have decided that this year is time for a new outlook and a new resolution, a simple one: To love and enjoy my life!!!
I know that I am very blessed in my life. People say I’m sweet and silly, I have lots of love, lots of fun, I laugh everyday and I thank God for everything I’ve been given. I have amazing friends and family and I have a husband that I’m completely in love with! (We’ve been together for 13 years and counting, so I guess it’s safe to say that I’m doing something right!! lol) Plus, we are planning on our second attempt at fertility treatments this year!! So I want to focus on gaining a baby bump, not a flat stomach! I want to fill my Pinterest board with inspiring, happy quotes and sayings instead of diet plans and workouts! I want to enjoy my love for cooking, not worry about counting calories! I don’t want to roll my eyes at my husband anymore when he tells me daily that I’m sexy and beautiful. I want to love the fact that I’m lucky enough to have a husband who tells me these things everyday!
I am definitely not saying that I’m planning to just be completely unhealthy. I still plan to exercise and eat healthier, I’m just trying to focus on not letting it take my life over and have a constant negative attitude about it. I hope that a healthier attitude will help me to actually be a healthier person!
Life is short, so in short, I plan to buy the shoes, enjoy dessert, love chocolate, drink lattes and cappuccinos, love the little things in life!
I am sure I will have my bad days, but my main goal is this: to have a year with more happy than sad, more glamour than regret, and more memories than wishes!!!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read! May your year begin with lots of greatness and happiness!! Stay tuned for many more posts!!!
(A few inspiring words of wisdom) 🙂






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