The Bump

Our Fertility Follow-Up


“Think of me as a challenge”

Back in May, J and I had our first attempt at fertility treatments. In June, we had our follow-up appointment with our doctor to discuss everything and find out what would come for our next attempt.
J and I were very anxious to hear what our doctor had to say. It had been a month since we had last been at the clinic and were told that we wouldn’t be able to continue with the next step, the IUI. We were warmly welcomed and taken back to our doctor’s fancy, private office. A room that we hadn’t been in since our very first appointment at the clinic, our first ever fertility consult. Our doctor had us take a seat in his oversized, leather chairs. He had all of our paperwork, lab results, and ultrasound photos laid out across his desk and began going over everything. He explained that he was very pleased that the medication was working because they couldn’t be sure that it would’ve had any effect on me. I had 3 follicles growing, which was fantastic, but they weren’t big enough to continue. He said that he had us go ahead with our two extra shots because my hormone levels had greatly gone up, but by my next ultrasound and labs, there had not been enough growth or improvement to continue. He said that he was very hopeful with our case and believed that our attempt would eventually be successful in another try with our treatment.
Our doctor then told us he had something to ask us. He said that he had a fertility conference coming up in July, In Los Angeles. He asked me if I would allow him to bring my case along to discuss with the panel of fertility experts, with the best fertility specialists in the country. Our doctor explained that because my case is so rare, he wanted to present it and get as much feedback as possible to help in our next attempt. As I’ve been told by my doctors: I am a challenge: My tumor was rare, the size of the tumor was rare, all of my medical conditions are rare, and apparently, to get one of the conditions is rare, but difficult me, I have all of the rare conditions caused by the rare tumor! (I’m a pain lol)
I was shocked…J was excited. I was also, obviously, but it all sounded crazy to me…To picture a panel of doctors discussing my case, discussing my egg sacks and uterus, sounded like something from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy! I said yes, of course. To get feedback from many doctors, especially some of the best, would be amazing. Our doctor then started to ask me lots of questions about my tumor, my health problems, a more extensive, thorough explanation of everything so he had all the info he would need to present to the other doctors. He said he would be in contact with us and we said we’d be anxiously awaiting to hear from him.
After our appointment, when we got in our car, J wouldn’t shut up lol. He was so excited and so happy to hear great news. Apparently, He was expecting to hear that we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant or that it would cost more than we’d be able to afford for a long time. Our treatment isn’t cheap, but it’s inexpensive compared to other treatments. I, of course, was very happy and excited also with our appointment, but hearing him talk about his excitement made me feel a million times better! Oh, how I love that man! πŸ™‚
About a month later, we had our phone appointment with our doctor. He said that the conference went very well and that he had some great input for us. He suggested that we do the same treatment plan next time, but this time, he will have me take hormone pills for a month in advance before starting the injections. This way, my body doesn’t go from no hormones to a huge amount all at once. He said the other specialists, as well as himself, are very hopeful that this treatment plan will be a success!! He said to get in touch with him once we have the money, and we can set our schedule to try again! We were ecstatic to hear the news! We were so nervous that they would suggest something much more expensive or that they wouldn’t know what advice or input to give. It was a relief to hear how hopeful the doctors are that we will get pregnant!! πŸ™‚
Now, we are anxiously awaiting to try again! As soon as we have the money, we will schedule our appointments and get started!! We are very hopeful that we can try again in the next couple of months!! I will keep everyone updated on our progress!!! Thank you to everyone for the wonderful advice, support, and suggestions!! They all are greatly appreciated!!! πŸ™‚


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