The Chef

Dried Beef Gravy

“She was one frozen entrée away from a nervous breakdown”

Sometimes, you just need a quick idea for a quick meal. This meal is very quick, very cheap, and very good. My husband makes it most of the time, so I’ll give him a quick shout-out for the credit he deserves!! (Love you babe) I always thought it looked unappetizing, but trust me, it’s tasty! If you wanted to make this meal a little more homemade, it would still be simple, but sometimes you just need to have a fast, filling, hot meal instead of a frozen dinner!! 🙂

For dried beef gravy, all you need are 3 simple elements:
Instant or homemade mashed potatoes
White country gravy mix or homemade gravy (We like South Eastern Mills Gravy Mix)
1/4-1/2 lb. Dried Beef, Torn into pieces

Make your gravy, make your potatoes. Once gravy is cooked, throw in the torn dried beef pieces, stir, and that’s it!! You have a hot meal in 5 minutes!!! Also very delicious with biscuits or Texas Toast!!! Enjoy!! 🙂




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