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DIY Burlap Table Runner


“She had made yet another wise shopping decision”

Thanks to Pinterest (yet again) I found a bunch of easy DIY projects that I loved and wanted to try, many with burlap. I stopped at Joann’s Fabrics to find some black and white striped fabric to make my own kitchen curtains (stay tuned for that project soon!) And I also picked up a couple of yards of burlap in different colors for all those fun, cute projects at $4/yard!! I had seen a simple burlap table runner for $20 in a store that I liked…But then I thought: Why pay $20 for something that you can make for $2 in 2 minutes!?!?
I took a piece of burlap and lined it up with my current table runner to get the right length. With only scissors, a ruler, and 2 minutes, I cut the fabric I needed, frayed the edges to match, and Boom:Done!!! A cute, simplistic, piece of decor for $2!!! 🙂

So easy and pretty!! You can add your own spin to it and dress it up a bit, or leave it as is!!!
And it went so well with my pretty white pumpkin that my sweet nieces gave to me!! 🙂



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