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DIY Apothecary Jars, Cake Stands, & Lovey Coffee Mugs


“Hurry up, Charlotte. My credit cards are about to expire”

I love to decorate! I would love to do it for a living! I’ve even had offers from multiple friends to decorate for them, either when they buy a home, or have the money! I’ve had so many awesome compliments on our home! But, unfortunately, I don’t have unlimited funds to show what I could do with my home 😦 (They say the ones with great taste are young and poor lol) I love our house and what we’ve done to it so far. Sure, I have a wish list a mile long (I’ll take a dark gray sectional, white fireplace, Ikea kitchen, etc, etc) but we’ve come a long way from where we started! And now, thanks to the awesome phenomenon of Pinterest, I have an even longer list, but can do most of it myself!! Instead of spending $30 on some stuff, I spend $2!!! I’m not going to spend $600 on an upholstered headboard, I’ll make one for less than $50!!! (Future project, stay tuned for that!!) So basically, I have more of the decor I want and more $$ to save for, what we call, the “baby bank” 😉
I owe a lot of credit to Pinterest. I’m the type of pinner who finds so many great ideas and actually attempts to do it one-by-one. Pinterest has made me very ambitious lately! It’s also made me a fan of the Dollar Tree, for supplies to DIY cheap home decor! I pick up stuff for projects every time I’m out of town, especially candlesticks, vases, and coffee mugs. Here are a few of the cute, easy, DIY projects that I’ve done, and the best part is: They all cost $2 each!!!! Boom!! 😉

DIY Apothecary Jar:
I absolutely love this and will definitely make many more for the rest of our house!! The bag of white chocolate candy corn M&M’s (delish!!) I put in the jar cost more than the actual jar!!!
1 vase + 1 candlestick + glue = cute!!



DIY Lovey, Cheesy Coffee Mugs:

J and I made each other those cheesy, but cute personalized coffee mugs with messages from both of us and a cute, inside joke on the opposite side. You write with a sharpie, bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, and that’s it!
(I couldn’t find my sharpie, so I used another permanent marker. I would definitely recommend a sharpie! J’s mug is starting to wear off, although he uses it multiple times a day so I’m constantly washing it. I’m going to trace over his lovey message and just re-bake it! And if it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll just have to splurge another dollar and make another mug!!)
Coffee mug + Sharpie = Sweet 😉

(How sweet and adorable!!)

Cake Stands:

I have already made a few of these for myself and I plan to make a few to hand out for gifts!!! You can make it any way you like!! Decorate it, paint it cute colors, add a sweet message or a monogram!
Plate or platter + candlestick + glue = mind blown 😉



Stay tuned for many many more home projects to come!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “DIY Apothecary Jars, Cake Stands, & Lovey Coffee Mugs

  1. what kind of glue are you using bcuz i have tried this with E6000 glue from Joann’s and it does NOT hold at all.

    1. I use a glass-adhesive super glue! I found it at Hobby Lobby and it has worked great for me! Don’t use too much (or too little) and give it plenty of time to set!! Hope it works for you! 🙂

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