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Medicated and Motivated!

‘Medicated and Motivated!”

I’ve had alot of wonderful people ask me lots of questions about our specific treatment plan! I’m so appreciative that people want to know and be updated on everything!! I wanted to take the time to share the process with everyone!! 🙂

I have a condition known as Hypopituitarism. My pituitary gland doesn’t function correctly and hasn’t since my brain surgery. This condition is the reason I am unable to get pregnant without assistance. I don’t produce hormones on my own and I don’t ovulate. I’ve inserted a link for more info if anyone is curious and wants to better understand the condition!

When J and I had our initial consultation with our fertility specialist, he explained that he would estimate that he sees someone with my condition probably only once every three years. The plus side is that he knew what treatment would have the best outcome for us. He explained that I would need to take hormone injections and do an IUI, Intrauterine Insemination. He discussed the percentages of actually becoming pregnant and made sure we understood that the chance for having multiples was the same percentage as our chances of getting pregnant: 25%. When he said that, I thought it was low, but apparently, it’s a great percentage with this specific treatment plan! Our next step was to try to save the money so we could get started.

Finally, at the beginning of this year, we called the clinic and said that we were ready to get the process started. We found out that we would need to get initial testing done first to make sure that we would even be able to have a baby. J would need an analysis and I would need an HSG: A Hysterosalpingography. A test to make sure that I didn’t have a blockage in my tubes. We found out that these tests weren’t included in the price we had been told. J’s test would cost $265 and my test would be $465, another added expense, but we had to have them done before we could start, which I understand. They’re not going to make you go through the process and pay all this money to find out that you can’t get pregnant with this treatment in the first place. We were so nervous for both of our tests. We would’ve been heartbroken to find out that we weren’t able to have a baby with this treatment that we’d been planning for and thinking about for the last year! We had done alot of reading and research on this specific plan so we had a perfect understanding of everything. We were scared that everything would change. It didn’t help that I had a difficult time with my test. It was very uncomfortable and painful for me (It’s different for everyone) and afterwards I was bawling like a baby when talking to J. I don’t know what my problem was, I felt scared, shaken, nervous, nauseous, and for some reason, embarrassed. I was overflowing with a ton of different emotions. J made me feel better, as always!! 🙂

After two very long, anxious days, we had our phone appointment with the clinic and found out that our results were fantastic!!! I had no blockage or problems and J is very proud to be very fertile!! lol He enjoyed bragging to our close friends and had the biggest smile on his face while calling family to let them know! 🙂 We set up our next step, Fertility Class! We were happy to head to the clinic without having to worry or be nervous about anything. There were five other couples in the class with us, we were the youngest. They explained all the info, showed us how to do the injections, and gave us a folder with a bunch of paperwork. We even had to sign papers stating that we understand that the clinic and doctor have no legal responsibility to our child/children just because they helped us to get pregnant! There was paperwork that explained all the terms, all the side effects, and a break down of all of our estimated expenses. Our medication is ordered and ready and the only thing keeping us from stopping is a blood test to make sure I’m immune to Rubella! Once we get the results, we can finally set the schedule and get started!!

(The only thing is that my condition is different from everyone..I’ll be on a different medication, known as Repronex. Our shots actually cost about $400 more than we were told. The price jumped from $86 a shot to $116 per shot!! Every extra cost starts to add up! We are looking at about $4300 as opposed to $3000!! We worry, but it’s worth every penny!! )

We will have to mix our injections before I take them. J will give me the injections, in my stomach, everyday for 8 days. I will go to Des Moines every other day to be monitored, have blood work, and ultrasounds. Once the ultrasounds show that I have at least 1 follicle (no more than 5) that measures 18mm, I will take a trigger shot. We have our insemination 36 hours after my trigger shot. They take J’s sample, wash it, put it into a catheter, and place it directly into my uterus. (I know, how lovely lol) Once they’ve completed the procedure, I start taking hormone supplements twice a day for 12 weeks. They make us wait 2 weeks to take a pregnancy test, otherwise, the trigger shot can cause a false positive. This will be the scary part: waiting to find out if we are pregnant or not…If we are pregnant, we will truly be happy, ecstatic, excited, thankful!!! If we aren’t pregnant, we will be crushed. We won’t be able to try again until we start all over and save enough money for a second try…

We are ready!!! We’re ready to pay alot of money to hope that our dreams come true. I’m ready to deal with the millions of side effects that may happen. I’m ready for the injections and all the lovely emotions I’ll go through while on them. (I hope J’s ready for that!! lol ;))We are ready to try again, if needed, for our dreams to come true. We are truly ready to be a mommy and daddy!!! 🙂


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