The Bump

Baby Brain



“Has Anyone Seen My Hormones?”


I’m ecstatic to say that after many years of wishing and praying, we are well on our way to starting fertility treatments!!! J and I have had our tests done and I’m happy to say that we are great to go!! I have no blockage and he is very proud to announce that his results were off the charts!!! 😉

We were both nervous wrecks for our tests. Just another bump in the road that we had to overcome to move on to the next step…and we did!! This whole process is extremely emotional for us, especially me. I’m nervous, excited, happy, hopeful, and scared all at the same time. Please bear with me as share everything! 🙂

It’s been a long road from our initial consultation to saving enough money to going through our tests and so on. I don’t personally know anyone who is or has gone through the exact same process as us and it’s hard not having anyone we can relate to. My condition causes some things to be different. Our doctor said he only sees someone with my condition maybe once every three years!! We have a great support system of family and friends who we are lucky to have in our lives, but it’d be nice to know that other women are, respectfully, emotional basket-cases through this and that I’m not completely crazy lol. From what I’ve been told, all of these feelings are completely natural while going through this…THANK GOODNESS!! I tear up while thinking of the good and bad outcomes and they’re both constantly in my head. I’m extremely sensitive at times when people say things that they may not mean to be hurtful in anyway, but come off differently to me because I’m just overly sensitive and emotional. (Kind of like telling a pregnant woman that she’s huge…You don’t mean to be hurtful and don’t even think that she would take offense to it, but her emotions are overflowing and she can’t help it) I’ve had people tell me to not want it too badly or it won’t happen…But, for me, It’s impossible to not want it so badly. I’ve heard that if it doesn’t happen, then it just wasn’t meant to be…I understand that, but I’m also going to be completely bummed and upset, naturally. I’ve been told that they’ll be different and more supportive when I am actually pregnant, which I completely understand, but we also need support now, if not more than later. We constantly worry it won’t work. We worry that it won’t last. We worry that if it doesn’t work, we won’t be able to start again until we have enough money saved up again…We worry about these things all the time and just hope for positive feedback from people we care about. We don’t expect people to jump up and down with joy just because we’re trying to start a family, but all the support you can get helps tremendously. This whole journey is new and scary to us also, so all we can do is pray and hope for the best! The support we do receive, is more than greatly appreciated and we are very very thankful for that!

We had our fertility class on Tuesday! It was nice to go to the clinic while not being completely nervous! They explained the medications, side effects, percentages, and showed us how to do the injections. We felt very “grown up” at the class lol. After the class, J bought us some baby name books, we browsed around Babies R Us, had dinner, and talked and laughed about everything the whole night. J is great at making me smile and laugh when I need it most, and i’m so thankful for that!! We playfully argue about what our children will look like, J had tons of blond, curly hair, I had huge chubby cheeks and no hair lol We also like to discuss baby names alot. It’s the one thing that we have total control over right now and in a way, that’s very comforting. We know we may change our minds, but it’s fun to be able to plan for something! J is very indecisive with my choices, but of course, sticks to his favorites no matter how many times I say no. lol 🙂

We will FINALLY be starting within the next month!!! So close yet seems so far away! We have major baby brain, especially from being so close to starting and finally receiving good news on our tests and gathering all the information, It’s what our lives are all about right now! We are very hopeful and beyond excited! I’m so thankful for having an amazing husband by my side through this emotional journey!! We are also extremely fortunate and more thankful than our wonderful friends and family will ever know! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts and wishes!! We love you all! 🙂


One thought on “Baby Brain

  1. I am so excited for you guys! This made me tear up! I cant wait to see how things go. You guys will be amazing parents!!! Lots of luck to you!!!!

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