Griswold Or Grinch?

“The tree wouldn’t be the only one getting lit this year!”

Ah Christmastime is upon us! Time to bling out your home, go into debt, deal with crazy shoppers, freezing cold weather, spend more time driving around the parking lot than shopping in the mall, lugging around a million shopping bags, and be surrounded by a bunch of Grinches that need to replace the stick up their bum with a candy cane!!!

I LOVE Christmas!!! I am the female version of “Clark W. Griswold!!” I’m ready to put a big tree up, to cover our house in thousands of twinkling lights, to have the family over for a big meal, to spoil my nephew and nieces as much as possible, I snoop and shake presents like a child, to load up on caffeine from the yummy holiday drinks,I go on a baking binge, and all the other fun and chaotic events that the Holiday brings. Christmas is supposed to be a loving, sharing, fun, magical time!! I won’t let the grinches bring me down!

Christmas is very special for me. I became an aunt for the 1st time in Dec 97, J and I started dating 3 days before Xmas in 1999, my 1st puppy was born on Christmas, and many more reasons to love the “most wonderful time of the year!!”  I believe I get the “giddiness of a little kid” from my daddy. He would wear a santa hat everywhere we went the whole month lol. He loved to spoil everyone. We always spent lots of time together for the Holidays. We would get together the day before Christmas Eve, on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  The Christmas before he passed away, he was admitted into the hospital Christmas night. When he came home, I went to his house and we watched his favorite movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” together for the last time. (He watched that movie every single year)  We both had a blanket and I made us hot chocolate while we watched the movie. I remember that he was smiling and fell asleep, he looked so peaceful and happy. I will forever cherish that memory. Christmas holds a very special place in my heart filled with wonderful memories.

J is a bit of a Grinch at first, but goes into “Full-On Griswold Mode” before Christmas.  At first, he has the attitude like this: “Where are you going to put a tree that big? Bend over and I’ll show you!!”  The “Clark attitude” like he got a Jelly-Of-The-Month-Club membership instead of a bonus! lol It always luckily changes to “Tis the season to be merry. Well that’s my name! No S@#T!!” He can’t stand the craziness that people go into this time of year. He is amazed that I stay holly and jolly through it all! I’m the one who deals with: The shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the cooking, the cleaning, the planning, etc. His only tasks are hanging the outside lights and the only shopping he personally does is for my presents! When I wrap gifts, I go for cute, festive wrapping paper, have a whole “wrapping staion” set out on the floor or table, and try to make it look pretty..J is perfectly happy using newspaper and electrical tape. lol 🙂 We always have a blast during Christmastime! Seeing our family and friends, eating a delicious meal, spoiling each other, going through the tricky task of trying to get our dogs to sit for 2 seconds so we can take a cute photo by the tree, having a huge mess of gift wrap left from our nieces and nephew eagerly opening presents, laughing at and quoting Christmas Vacation every time the opportunity presents itself, We are both little kids at heart! This year is our 12th Christmas together! We’re both so lucky to have so many memories to share and so many future memories to make! Hopefully your holiday is more Griswold than Grinch!!!

And when Santa squeezes his fat, white ass down that chimney tonight, he’s gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse!!”


LOVE, THE MCDONALDS (The Jolliest Bunch, This Side Of The Nuthouse!!!)



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