The Hubby

J&L…Through Thick & Thin (Literally)

“Love…Honor….and WHAT???”

J and I have been through thick and thin together…literally! In 12 years, we have gone through the not-so-much-fun process of “getting older!!!” From weight gain to weight loss, platinum blonde hair to no hair to my 1st gray hair ALREADY!!! 😦 From no makeup to no shaving (either of us lol) From the joy of men burping and farting and then giggling about it like a little kid. The joy of women making men confused when we put on makeup and do our hair with what look like torture devices to them. We’ve seen each other as a huge mess and seen it each other at our best!! We love each other through it all!! Our love story so far has been amazing. I am truly a lucky wifey!! (And I’d have to say that he’s a lucky hubby…at least he says he is!!)

J and I were friends for a few years before we started dating. I had a huge crush on him the moment I met him. We actually met at the school bus stop the first day he moved here. I guess it all started, fittingly, at McDonald’s! We both worked there and became friends with mutual people. We all had such a blast working together and always hanging out together. Jason and I would go driving around and hang out all the time. My sophmore year, his junior, he asked me to Homecoming, I was so excited! We had a blast. We’d talk on the phone every night and he came over to my house all the time. He even accidentally ran my foot over one night! (Ouch!) I was in a walking cast for 2 months, It was broken in 3 seperate places and all of my toe bones were cracked. He felt horrible! He came over to take care of me, carried my books to class, etc.

On December 22nd 1999 (Yes, I’m a dork and remember the exact date!!) He FINALLY asked me to be his girlfriend!! Ever since then, we’ve been inseperable. He moved in with my Mom and Me right before he graduated. He graduated in 2001 and continued to work, hoping to start online classes for college and was seriously considering joining the army. I graduated in 2002 and began cosmetology school in Ames that summer. He had started a new job at a factory and was working 3rd shift, so we only saw each other in the mornings when he’d get off work and I’d be leaving for school. I’d get home around 7pm everynight, we’d have half hour before we both headed to work. It was so hard never seeing him, but it made us appreciate time together even more! In December 2002, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. J took care of me. He never left my side, slept on a cot in the hospital, took care of me when I came home, and he still takes care of me!! Through all my stupid health problems, he’s still by my side.

We had to live with my mom longer than planned on account of my health and $$$, (Brain surgery gets pretty damn pricey!!) in 2005, we finally got our own rental house, a block away from my mom’s house. It wasn’t the nicest house, but it was ours, and of course I worked like crazy decorating to make it cute!! I was just waiting for J to pop the question…I mean, come on, we’d been together for more than 6 years, lived together, loved each other, my parents loved him and he knew they were waiting as well,but my hubby, like many men, likes to take his sweet time!! lol

In 2006, my daddy was suddenly and shockingly diagnosed with lung cancer. He was already in the late 3rd, early 4th stages when they found it. The cancer had already spread into his back. The doctor gave him a year. I was devastated. I was with my daddy constantly, taking him to chemo, spending quality time with him. I started taking care of him every single day when he got worse. It was hard seeing him like that, not able to tie his own shoes or take care of himself. He started getting worse and worse. Chemo wasn’t helping. The doctor said there was nothing more they could do and that he didn’t have long. I spent all day giving him his medicine, feeding him, dressing him, it was the most difficult time I had gone through, and still is to this day. My daddy passed away in January 2007. I was a complete mess. I of course wasn’t ready to lose him, to say goodbye. I had to plan his funeral and make all the arrangements. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my brother and J. I had a difficult year, lost alot of weight from depression. It brought me closer with J and my brother. I’m so thankful they were there to help me, along with my mom and my friends.

FINALLY after 8 years, my hubby proposed on Christmas Eve 2007!!!! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to start planning. We had so much fun planning our wedding!!

I became Mrs. McDonald on July 12, 2008. We had the most gorgeous weather for an outdoor wedding!! Our friends and family said it was the most loving, fun wedding that they had been to. It was the best day of my life!! We really enjoyed being newlyweds! 😉

It is now 3 years later and we are an old married couple! We watch tv, cook, hang out with friends, laugh constantly, talk about what kind of parents we’ll be, bitch about bills, fight over who will do the dishes, talk to our dogs like they’re humans, and so much more! We still have so much fun, we make fun of each other all the time! We laugh every single day and I’m so thankful for that!!! 😉



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