The Chef

Make It or Fake It?

“From scratch? Why yes, I scratched the label right off the bakery box!”

Make It?? Fake It???

There as so many items that you have the option to conveniently purchase instead of taking the time to actually Make yourself. I admit, I’m still learning to Make a few things, but sometimes, I don’t want to waste the time, effort, make a mess, or stress about how it will turn out! So I will Fake it. Here are some items that my friends have asked my opinion on whether To Make or Fake!!! (I will be posting some of the recipes!!) These are my personal opinions, You be the judge for what works best for you:

Pie Crust:

Pie crust can be tricky, not to mention messy, and time consuming! Measure, Mix, knead, roll, flour, cut, etc. Premade pie crusts, such as Pillsbury, are extremely convenient! They come with 2 individually wrapped crusts for less than $3!! Unroll, fit to pie plate, crimp, spice, fill, and you’re done!!

Make or Fake Winner: FAKE!!! 🙂


The Fake It option, canned, doesn’t get much easier than that! Cranberry sauce, in my opinion, is one of the easiest things to Make! Instructions are on the bag, 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. You can very easily put your own spin on them (I add brown sugar, orange juice, zest, and ginger) And I think it looks and tastes way more delicious!!

Make or Fake Winner: MAKE!!! 🙂

Whipped Cream:

Fake it is easy, open container…that’s it!! Make It is pretty simple: Heavy whipping cream, sugar, and any added flavor you desire!! (Vanilla, maple syrup, bourbon, cinnamon, and many more!!) Beat with mixer until soft peaks form, so delicious!

Make or Fake Winner: MAKE!!! 🙂

Dinner Rolls:

There is an in-between option here on both sides: Buy the can and pop in the oven, or buy a bag or box from the bakery and warm. Or, take the time to make some yummy homemade biscuits from scratch or buy a quick mix to make..This one can be a tough one and depends on personal preference. I personally love the bakery batch, especially for the holidays ..yummy and ready to go! Not a big price difference, huge time difference!

Make or Fake Winner: FAKE!!! 🙂


There are tons of different ways to make stuffing! When Faking stuffing, it’s pretty simple: Stovetop…I’m not a big fan of it. Not alot of flavor, dry, but very convenient. I think homemade is so delicious. There are ways to make stuffing quickly and homemade. You have to decide: Make in the bird if having a turkey, or go with casserole dish? My hubby and I recently test drove a recipe we loved!! Cook it in the CROCKPOT!!! It takes a while (7 hours) but it’s easy, frees up oven space, could feed an army, throw it all in and stir here and there…THAT’S IT!!!

Make or Fake Winner: MAKE!!! 🙂


Box?? Or Bag?? Box: Simple, but my hubby makes the best mashed potatoes!!! Peel, (Or “cheat” with baby red potatoes and leave the skin on!) dice, boil, add butter, milk, sour cream, and anything you prefer, mash and whip!! It takes about 30 minutes, but soo completely worth the work!!

Make or Fake Winner: MAKE!!! 🙂


Another with a few decisions…Fresh? Or Can? Or Frozen? Your decision is also made more difficult with the selection of produce and different veggies. Green Beans: I go for fresh, Corn: Depends on if in season, Peas: I go for canned, Carrots: Always Fresh….So basically, there is no wrong choice, I go with fresh if it’s an option!!

Make or Fake Winner: MAKE!!! 🙂


Depends…I always keep a bag or 2 of mix hidden in the cupboard just in case!! I also always have stock in a box on hand!! Gravy has many factors: Right taste, right thickness, stock, pan drippings, the right amount of rue (flour and butter), lumps, etc. For me, it took some practice tries, but I now have it down to a science!!

Make or Fake Winner:  MAKE!!! 🙂   (FAKE IF NEED)

Desserts: (Yum!!)

Homemade? Premade? Frozen? Box? This category, for me, is back and forth depending on what I’m making, what’s available, price, and if I want to take the time, or save the time! For example: Pies: Apple=Homemade, Pumpkin=Homemade, Cherry=depends, Pecan=Homemade (depending on price of pecans. They’re pretty pricey, especially around the holidays!), Cream Pies=Depends, and so on. My hubby’s grandma makes everything homemade and I’m learning her recipes,but I know that not everything will taste or look exactly like hers (She was the housewife to the max, Plus she does have 60 years of cooking experience on me!) It makes me feel better knowing that an amazing cook like her had to learn also (She always says that when she 1st began cooking, even the dog wouldn’t touch it!! lol) When it comes to cookies and cakes, I almost always Make. It is nice to fake sometimes! The premade cookie dough is too convenient at times! My suggestions for desserts: Practice beforehand, never be a recipe virgin on a big event, and it’s always smart to keep some save-the-day frozen pies and a cake on hand!!!

Make or Fake Winner: I’LL SAY TIE!!! 🙂

Good luck and Happy Cooking!!!! 🙂


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