The Bump

A Bump In The Road In The Road To The Bump

“He whispered sweet nothings…She only heard the ticking of her biological clock”

On the Road to The Bump!!

I have always dreamed of being a mommy! I have always said that I want a big family. I want 5 kids. (I know, I’m crazy) J would be happy with 3. Don’t get me wrong, I will be over the moon when we have kids, and I will feel blessed no matter the amount we have!! J and I can’t wait to have a baby! I’ll admit, I had extreme baby fever when my friends started having kids. I had babies on the brain, J wasn’t there yet..Of course, we were barely into our twenties and had nowhere to put a baby! We were still living with my mom! We ended up being “old fashion” in a way: Date forever, move in together, get married, buy a house, etc.The next step in the process is typically children, if that’s what you want in life. We’ve gone through the way-too-young-ourselves-to-have-a-baby and now are at the married-what-are-you-waiting-for-stage! We love each other, have home with extra bedrooms, have a 4 door car with room for car seats, mature (when need to be), at the age where you get asked constantly and have people make you think you’re getting up there in age like we’re taking too long, , and everything we need….But…..

With my health problems, pregnancy can’t happen on its own, unfortunately….We have to start the fertility treatment process. A process that is mature, scary, anxious, and lengthy. We are ready though. We have had our consultation with a fertility specialist. We have discussed and planned our treatments.We know that the chance of multiples is greater. So what is stopping us???…….$$$$$$$

I have to start fertility treatments known as IUI: Intrauterine Insemination. Basically, the process is as follows: I take hormone replacement shots for 8 days, have tests done every other day, and then the doctor performs the insemination. Not very romantic lol The procedure costs $3000 per try. (Alot less than we thought, but still not cheap!) We have a higher chance of having multiples, which we are fine with! (2 for the price of 1 would be a blessing!) And no, I’m not trying to be the next Octomom!!  The medications I’m currently on will be perfectly safe while I’m pregnant, the only real obstacle for me is GETTING PREGNANT, and not being pregnant. I may be put on bedrest, but that can happen to any mommy to be. We will hopefully begin the process very soon!! We’ve even finally agreed on a selection of baby names!! Yay!! I have a wonderful husband who is excited to get started and a fabulous support system of family and friends!! Everyone is anxious for us to begin, ESPECIALLY US!! 🙂



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