ABOUT ME: · The Hubby

My Husband

“she had decided to make an honest man of him”

My hubby, the love of my life, my rock. My hubby is what you’d call a “Manly Man” He loves to grill and drink beer, Has a passion for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, Loves UFC. He would eat Meat and Potatoes every single night if I let him have his way. He’s a very hardworker. He loves me, He loves his family, He loves his friends, and He loves our dogs. He’s got a great sense of humor to keep up with mine, we constantly laugh. We are total dorks at heart. We repeat funny movie lines to each other all the time and people wonder what we’re talking about. He’s handsome and i believe gets more handsome with age. He’s still sexy. I know everything about him!

He is the love of my life. He drives me absolutely crazy at times. He’s a total sweetheart. He still can’t pick up his damn socks and leaves a huge mess. He drinks out of the carton and I can’t keep him out of the kitchen when cooking. He loves that I can cook now and says he now trusts me when I’m trying something new lol He’s a good cook. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like him. He is like a little kid, especially when he’s around little kids. He hates that I can beat him at Guitar Hero, He is extremely competetive with me lol He hates losing. He hates doing the dishes. He is the most stubborn person I know. He still surprises me all the time. He loves War movies, but his favorite movie is Forrest Gump. He is a pillow hog. He snores like nobody else.

I love him more than anything 🙂


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