The Nest

Home Sweet Home

“Darling! Let’s get deeply into debt!!”

When my husband was finally on board to start house hunting, I was ecstatic! We had lived at my mom’s together for many years (He moved in with my mom and me when he was 18) and had been in our 1st rental house together for 2 1/2 years. An extremely tiny house, with a basement that would flood everytime it would rain, 2 bedrooms (If you could call them bedrooms!!), a gorgeous pink toilet and tub, a boiler that took its precious time heating up, and the same to shut off, and no driveway! I enjoyed decorating, trying to make it look cute! We did love the fact that it was ours and our neighbors on both sides were friends of ours. We loved knowing 1 neighbor was always outside with a fire going and the other always had yummy smoked food!! After our wedding, and many years of convincing, J FINALLY  agreed that it was time to start the search!

I have always had a fascination with real estate. I have even considered getting my real estate license many times! I’ve lived in the same small town my whole life, so I’ve had houses from around town I have pictured and hoped to live in myself someday. One house in particular was my aunt’s house. I spent lots of time there as a kid, playing and babysitting my cousins. (We of course, always had to play house!!!)

My husband and I were the opposite in many aspects of the home buying process. His main concerns were garage, basement, and big backyard. My main concerns were size, at least 3 bedrooms, and a big enough kitchen. We agreed on location and price. As we started looking, I could see the stars in my hubby’s eyes getting a little bigger. If there was a house that had what he wanted, of course, that was his favorite, even if it cost more $$$ than we had originally planned. I was a little more realistic. I had noticed that my aunt’s old house was vacant, but wasn’t for sale. I gave our realtor a call, and he found out that the owner was actually wanting to sell. I, of course, was beyond excited! I knew the size was great, had a garage, a huge fenced-in backyard, a shed in back, 3 bedrooms, a decent sized kitchen, and a finished basement. SCORE!! I asked our realtor to set up a showing for us right away. When we finally got to go see, I was so excited and knew J would love it…then we walked in to a disaster!! Apparently, the owner, had gone in with the idea of “flipping” the house and never finished one project, just tore every room apart. Carpet was gone, but hardwood wasn’t cleaned at all, half a room painted here and there, wallpaper strips missing, bathroom was a disaster, and the basement was a complete mess aka completely covered in mold!! Apparently the owner had gotten lazy and gave up on the house. It had been vacant for some time and was in the process of being foreclosed on. In 2008, our little town continued to get lots of rain and flooded repeatedly (our rental had more than 2 ft. of water!! lol) The basement windows of my aunt’s old home filled with water and spilled through and since the house was vacant, it was never taken care of. My hubby said no way. He didn’t want to deal with what he considered to be too much work. He saw a disaster, I saw a blank canvas!! I was still hopeful I could convince him…until the day that it sold at an auction for $28,000!!!!!!!!!!! I was honestly heartbroken. I had my heart set on this house and didn’t want to begin the search ALL OVER AGAIN.

While we continued looking, my husband started to realize that any house was going to need some work. He admitted after looking at houses that were way smaller and way more expensive, that my aunt’s house would’ve been perfect for us….GRRRRR lol Too little, too late??? We went to look at a house in the very small town of Alden and I actually liked it. It had everything on my list, but no garage for my hubby, and the basement wasn’t finished. Cheaper taxes, but more $$$. He loved a house that was further out of our price range. I was worried that we’d never find a house….until I got a phone call from my good friend saying that my aunt’s old house had a For Sale sign in front of it!!! I called our realtor right away! Apparently, a different realtor had purchased the house at the auction, cleaned it up a little, and put it back on the market! YAY!!!! I couldn’t wait to go see it again!! The realtor had put in new carpet and had every room painted beige (except for the hiddeous kitchen), but didn’t touch the basement. He was even asking less than the market value! My hubby was sad that the basement was still a wreck, but I didn’t care. I was not losing this house again!! We agreed on the offer and had an inspection. We, of course, had to completely gut and bleach the entire basement before we could move in. We were given permission to get in there ahead of time to deal with everything before our closing date, which was risky considering there was still always the chance of something going wrong or us somehow not getting the home, but it was a risk we were willing to take so we could get everything done before we started moving in. Jason got to work on the basement right away with the help of many of our fantastic friends! I started painting right away so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it while putting everything away and having furniture everywhere. We officially moved into our 1st home a week before our first wedding anniversary! We still have MANY MANY projects we want to finish, but that will definitely take time and of course more $$$, and I will continue to post pictures, progress, and my many ideas, but I finally get to play house for real in the same home I played in as a little girl!

What is the lesson here?? MEN SHOULD LISTEN TO THEIR WIVES THE FIRST TIME AROUND OR IT’LL COST THEM!!!  In my hubby’s case, it cost him $20,000 extra, and a wife that will forever remind him that she was right!!!! 😉


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